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Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) are multi-potent progenitor cells with natural properties that promote regeneration and have anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory benefits.  MSCs express very low levels of the major histocompatibility class I (MHC I) receptor, and lack MHC II.  MSCs have the ability to evade immune recognition and elimination, and thus can be transplanted allogeneically, or between individuals.



Our commercialization strategy includes careful selection of raw materials that can support regulatory-approved manufacturing with a reasonable cost of goods.  These materials are used for pre-clinical development to facilitate successful scale-up.  We strategically select high quality human  MSCs for our development pipeline using proprietary predictive biomarkers for critical quality attributes.  These select MSC populations exhibit minimal donor variability, robust growth kinetics, response to stimulation, and secretion of engineered transgene products.

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